treasure pocket shorts


These treasure pocket shorts are the first pair of pants I’ve made.  The pattern is from Sewing for Boys.  Overall, I love how these turned out. My son loves the pockets. The pattern is a little bit complicated, so I felt like a skilled pant-maker when they were complete (which, of course, I am not). Since I made these, I’ve made 2 pairs of pants using the simple and free pattern from Dana Made It.  Doing a combination of complicated and simple patterns helps me think about possibilities for creating my own pattern.

I used left over fabric from the scavenger bag project, which I bought at a local discount fabric store.  I cut the fabric months ago, but I didn’t start the project for a while for 2 reasons.  First, the pattern called for single folded bias tape and I couldn’t find it anywhere.  Eventually, someone at the local boutique fabric store, Spool, told me that I could just press my two fold bias tape so that it just had one fold.  I could have also made my own.  Because I’m new to all this, I had no idea what single fold bias tape would look like or how to make it.

After the bias tape problem was solved, I was intimidated by the first step in the instructions. I couldn’t understand how I was supposed to sew the bias tape to the pocket front. Luckily, I found a sew-along from one of the Sewing for Boys authors.  It was really helpful!  I also learned from the book website that I needed to cut a new pattern piece because of an error in the book.

I’m looking forward to making a pant version of these.  I love planning contrasting fabric combinations!

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