curious george shirt

It’s so nice to make something that your kid actually wants to wear!  Last year, I knitted a couple sweaters for Saj and he hated wearing them.  Now he loves those sweaters.  AND he like everything else I’ve been making him, too.  He’s starting to understand that it’s special when your mommy makes you something.
Also, he’s old enough to love stuff – like curious george, berenstain bears, construction workers, fire man, penguins…the list goes on.  So, I know he’ll be happy anything as long as I keep his favorites in mind.  I made this shirt using the easy linen pattern form Sewing for Boys. It was pretty simple, but as a newbie, I found the neck band a little tricky.  And I forgot to line up the pattern in the front.  Next time I’ll remember!
I also made the linen pants in this photo with the free pattern from dana made it

I first made practice shirt (is it a muslin when you’re not worried about fit, you just want to see if you can actually make it) out of 2 of Scott’s short sleeve button down shirts. One long sleeve shirt would have been enough.  Saj likes wearing these over t-shirts.  I already bought some cotton flannel for the next one.

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