Seamwork Denali

After living in Portland for a few months, my husband had grown a Portland-appropriate beard. He thought it was about time that he had a vest.  I offered to make him one using the Denali pattern from the Seamwork magazine. He loves how it came out.  So do I!

IMG_0153If it were up to me, I probably would have chosen a more subtle color combination.But, my husband, who wears gray 90% of the time, wanted something less boring.

I traced the pattern (size L) with Swedish tracing paper and did tissue fitting. I added 2 inches in length. I took it in 1/2 inch under the arm on back and front pieces and scaled to zero at the notches. It fits perfectly at the chest. He thought it could be a little snugger at the waist, but I think the little bit of room makes it easier to sit without unsnapping.


IMG_0149 I used gray wool felt, navy water resistant canvas, and mustard corduroy, all from fabric. com. I quilted the canvas with wool batting. I used non symmetrical pattern that was inspired by a nau jacket. You can’t tell, but I really like how the quilting turned out. I think I have more quilted clothing in my future.


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