first icelandic sweater

My brother and sister-in-law went to Iceland. They kindly brought me back a bagful of lettlopi. So, I knit my first Icelandic sweater! It is so warm! It’s also itchy, but feels comfy over long sleeves on a cold day. IMG_4803

The pattern is Árni from the book Knitting with Icelandic Wool. It is a men’s pattern. I adapted the pattern by adding waste shaping. I started with a 38 size and then decrease to 31 inches at the waist. I increased to about 40 inches at the bust, and then decreased again before starting the yoke. I figured that the men’s pattern was designed for broader shoulders. So, I also removed one (or 2 I can’t remember) pattern repeats from the yoke. IMG_4812

I used the sewing machine to attach the zipper. It looks a little wonky at the bottom. Also, the pattern is a few millimeters  off at the zipper. and I plan to take it off and reattach at some point. Otherwise, I’m very happy with this make!

Baby Flax

Knitting baby clothes is the best!  I love being able to finish a sweater in a week or two.  This is the Flax pullover from Tin Can Knits.  I knit size the 6-12 month size for my 8 month old babe.  It was an easy and fun knit.  The yarn is Cascade Sierra, a cotton/wool blend, which I think is discontinued.


I really like this pattern.  It looks great on my littlest boy.  IMG_1798

a hat for an old friend

In November, I told my friend Cary that I would knit him a hat.  He said he needed to buy one and I insisted “No!  I’ll make you one.” Then it took me 2 months to fulfill the promise!  There were so many holiday gifts to finish.  Plus, the first hat I made was too small (my fault for not reading ravelry notes).  So, I actually made him 2 hats.  The first one went to my son.  Here is the finished product:



I used Berroco Ultra Alpaca (50% wool and 50% alpaca) and this tutorial.  It’s pretty straightforward.  Someone who is experienced with hats wouldn’t need a pattern for this.  I’m new to hats.  And my first one was a bit of a failure, so this simple pattern was much appreciated!