A very big sweater

I made a sweater for my husband! Wow, his arms are LONG. Luckily I took this project on a two week vacation. Otherwise, I may never have finished it.

cobblestone for blog

I used the Cobblestone pattern by Brooklyn Tweed.  I was worried about this pattern because a lot of the projects that I saw on Ravelry didn’t seem to fit that well.  The men wearing them looked like they were drowning in sweater.    I made the smallest size and extended the length.  I think a little bit of negative ease worked great, but lots of men don’t want negative ease.  Thankfully he loves it and wears it several times a week!

cobblestone2Someone gave this super soft copper-colored merino up for free at Squam. The other yarn is Woolen Rabbit Frolic.  The only problem is that it pills a lot (the Frolic doesn’t pill at all). Next time I’ll use something more rugged. Still, definitely a knitting success!

a sweater he likes

I made a cardigan made for my boy using scraps from other knitting projects.  I did end up buying the grey for the sleeves, etc.  I was going to make the whole thing stripes, but I the color combination was looking kind of dreary.  I love how it turned out.



The pattern is by Diane Soucy.  All the details can be found on Ravelry.


The pattern is not fitted at all.  It’s good to have plenty of room for layering underneath.  But, it might be too bulky to wear under a fitted coat.

striped cardigan 3

S didn’t like the wooden buttons at first, so we compromised.  The top button is a bronze (?) sun.

mud pies

I was inspired set up an outdoor kitchen after seeing lots of posts about them.  Saj and I walked over to our neighborhood thrift store (which was full of fun for him) to pick up a few cheap pots and pans.  He and Himma (our 8 year-old neighbor) LOVED it.  Everytime we see Himma, she asks “can we make mud pies again?”