Linen Wedding Jacket


I love this jacket.  Too bad it was only worn for 90 seconds and may never be worn again!  I made it for S to wear to my brother’s summer wedding.  It’s linen with cotton lawn lining.  As a sewing newbie, this project made me less afraid of jackets and linings.

I made a muslin that I plan to dye with an ombre effect.  Should be a fun outdoor activity to do with S when it gets warm.

Pattern is the out on the town jacket from Sewing for Boys.  The fabric is from Denver Fabrics.


curious george shirt

It’s so nice to make something that your kid actually wants to wear!  Last year, I knitted a couple sweaters for Saj and he hated wearing them.  Now he loves those sweaters.  AND he like everything else I’ve been making him, too.  He’s starting to understand that it’s special when your mommy makes you something. Continue reading

Art Satchel


Another sewing project from Growing Up Sew Liberated. I made this art satchel for my niece’s third birthday.  I was going to make one for my son, but I don’t think it’s quite right for our lifestyle.  It’s a little bit unwieldy — it’s perfect for a suburban kid that spends a lot of time in the backyard.  Since we live in the city, we usually walk or ride our bikes to the park to draw. This would be a little too big to carry with us.Image

I used Jessica Jones Outside Oslo fabric, which I bought at Crafty Planet during a visit to Minneapolis.  I love that store.  I think I was in there for at least an hour before I chose the fabric.  Saj and Scott were napping in the car.  I’m so indecisive.  And fabric stores exacerbate this character trait!

I used 1/4 inch masonite to create the hard surface of the satchel.  The pattern calls for plexiglass, but my local plastic shop wanted to charge me $10 per piece, or $20 total.  That’s more than I wanted to spend on this.  I already splurged a bit on the fabric. We had some masonite left over from a renovation project.  I think it might actually be lighter than the plexi.

I stitched my niece’s name in the fabric using a chain stitch.  This is my first needlework project.


I chose a font and typed her name in Illustrator.  Of course, any program would work.   I just liked that I could determine the size of the letters (in inches) in Illustrator.  Then I traced the letters on a piece of tracing paper. I pinned the tracing paper to the fabric and I stitched right through the letters. I think I saw Rebecca Rinquist‘s students stitchng through paper at Squam.  This is how it turned out.Image